Journal Name ISSN No
SAJ Case Reports(SAJCR) 2375-7043
SAJ Biotechnology(SAJB) 2375-6713
SAJ Cancer Science(SAJCS) 2375-6683
SAJ Pharmacy and Pharmacology(SAJPP) 2375-2262
Journal of Nutrition and Obesity(JNO) 2639-1252
Journal of Forensic and Crime Studies(JFCS) 2638-3578
Journal of Human Genetics and Genomic Medicine(JHGGM)
Journal of Cardiac Disorders and Therapy(JCDT) 2637-465X
Journal of Neuroscience and Neuropsychology(JNN) 2577-7890
Journal of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology Applications(JNNA) 2577-7920
Journal of Infectious Diseases and Pathogenesis(JIDP) 2577-7939
Journal of Pediatric Disorders and Neonatal Care(JPDNC) 2638-3608
Journal of Gastroenterology and Metabolism(JGM) 2637-4641
Journal of Oral Health and Dental Science(JOHDS) 2577-1485
Journal of Hormonal Disorders and Endocrine Research(JHDER)
Journal of Biomedical Studies(JBS)
Journal of Pancreas and Advanced Research(JPAR)
Journal of Ophthalmology and Eye Infections(JOEI)
Journal of Diabetic Complications and Research(JDCR)
Journal of Pulmonology and Respiratory Disorders(JPRD)
Journal of Aging Research and Gerontology Studies(JARGS)
Journal of Spine and Neurological Disorders(JSND)
Journal of Parkinsonism and Research(JPR)
Journal of Neurodegenerative Diseases and Treatment(JNDT)
Journal of Psychology and Neuropsychiatry Studies(JPNS)
Journal of Dermatology and Skin Care(JDSC)
Journal of Physiatry and Rehabilitation Studies(JPRS)
Journal of Palliative and Medical Care(JPMC)
Journal of Bioanalytical Techniques and Studies(JBTS)
Journal of Medicinal Chemistry and Drug Designing(JMCDD)
Journal of Vaccine Research(JVR)
Journal of Clinical Trials and Reports(JCTR)
Journal of Environmental Toxicology and Analytical Research(JETAR)
Journal of Otolaryngology Research(JOR) 2638-3616
Journal of Rheumatology and Arthritis Research(JRAR)
Journal of Addiction Research and Preventive Medicine(JARPM)
Journal of Ergonomics Studies and Research(JESR)
Journal of Medicinal Research and Biological Studies(JMRBS) 2641-8843
Journal of Nephrology and Renal Disorders(JNRD)
Journal of Emergency Medical Care(JEMC) 2641-8061
Journal of Psychiatry Studies(JPS) 2641-8525
Journal of Human Health Research(JHHR)
Journal of Waste Resources and Reprocessing(JWRAR)
Journal of Blood Pressure and Hypertension(JBPH)
Journal of Nursing and Healthcare Management(JNHM) 2639-7293
Journal of Orthopaedics and Bone Research(JOBR)
Journal of Neonatal Studies(JNS)
Journal of Genetic and Hereditary Case Studies(JGHCS)
Journal of Virology and Pathogens(JVP)
Journal of Vascular Surgery and Research(JVSR)
Journal of Cytology and Cell Anatomy(JCCA)
Journal of Waste Management and Disposal(JWMD) 2641-8827
Journal of Environmental Pollution and Management(JEPM) 2639-7269
Journal of Industrial Pollution Effects and Control(JIPEC)
Journal of Advancements in Plant Science(JAPS) 2639-1368
Journal of Innovations in Energy science(JIES)
Journal of Food Technology and Food Chemistry(JFTFC) 2641-8118
Journal of Sleep Disorders and Medicine(JSDM)
Journal of Horticulture Science and Forestry(JHSF)
Journal of Aquatic Sciences and Oceanography(JASO)
Journal of Public Health and Disease Prevention(JPHDP) 2641-8509
Journal of Angiology and Circulatory System(JACS)
Journal of Alzheimers Research and Treatment(JART)
Journal of Veterinary and Animal Research(JVAR) 2639-7315
Journal of Materials Science and Metallurgy(JMSM)
Journal of Molecular Biology and Biochemistry(JMBB)
Journal of Mathematical and Statistical Analysis(JMSA) 2642-018X
Journal of Gynecology and Women Healthcare(JGWH) 2639-7285
Journal of Anaesthesia and Therapeutics(JAT) 2639-7242
Journal of Radiology and Diagnostic Methods(JRDM)
Journal of Surgical Science and Operative Care(JSSOC) 2641-8541
Journal of Microbiology and Laboratory Science(JMLS)
Journal of Blood Disorders and Therapeutics(JBDT)
Journal of AIDS and Immune system(JAIS)
Journal of Advances in Stem Cell Therapy(JASCT)
Journal of Oral Infection and Pathology(JOIP)